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Founded August 27th, 2014

Project Lifeline is a dedicated peer support group for those who need a little extra help in life or anyone who just wants to talk.

How to Use Edit

If you feel that you need help before the next scheduled session then you may contact any user on this wiki and ask for help. Many of us would be happy to meet you in chat or through other mediums such as Skype and Email.

Guidelines Edit

  • If you are extremely sensitive to topics such as suicide, please message a group member of your choice, if you are uncomfortable stating as such.
  • Please do not include off-Wiki drama inside the group. The last thing this group needs is a bunch of drama; we help each other by standing together, not apart.
  • There will be set meeting days (decided later on) as to when meetings will be held.
  • You do not need to let out every single problem that's bugging you- only the ones you are comfortable with.
  • Nobody should peer-pressure in this group.
  • Remember who we're doing this for: our fellow Wikian

Next Session:
If you need help still drop by the chat or check our members list.

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